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Award-Winning Lighting Production

and Design Service

A great event starts months before your event even takes place during your planning stages. Every event can be drastically transformed with a little creativity and direction. This is visually evident with every event that we have the opportunity to design a lighting package for. With our uplighting, monograms, and gobo lighting we are able to create unique spaces that highlight your event theme. Everything from “Under The Sea” to “Red Carpet Experience” can be achieved and enhanced using the TKO design team. Let us work with you to create a lighting solution that is tailored to your event.

Some of the venues we have been able to transform include: The Worlds Fair Pavilion at Forest Park, Midway at Union Station, Foundry Arts Centre,  Spink Pavilion at Missouri Botanical Gardens, Quail Ridge Lodge, Clayton Plaza Hotel, Sheraton Westport Chalet, Orlando’s Dorsett, Orlando’s Hoffmeister, Old Stone Chapel, New Town Event Tent, Villa Antonio Winery, Chandler Hill Winery, Mount Pleasant Winery, St. Louis City Center Hotel, Hyatt Regency Downtown, and More. Contact us today for a free no obligation lighting consultation.

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